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Trissur Zoo & Museum is located right at the heart of Thrissur(Trichur) city at a place called Chembukavu. It is at a walking distance from the famous “Thrissur round” (one of the longest inner ring roads in India) and the famous Vadakkunnathan temple. Thrissur Zoo is small, but the Museum houses a large number of historic items such as swords, jewellery, rocks, stuffed butterflies etc. There is also small snake park inside the zoo.

Thrissur zoo started functioning sometime in 1885 and covers over 5 acres of land, Housing complexes and colonies are located right next to the zoo. The zoo open from 9am to 6:30pm while the museum is open 10am to 5pm. It is closed during Mondays and the museum is closed 1pm on Wednesdays. Holidays and Sundays very crowded.

When you enter the zoo, you can see the “multi purpose museum” in front of you. A huge elephant skelton will welcome you at the museum. There is no entrance fee for the museum. Photography is not allowed inside the museum. If you are even slightly interested in history, you are sure to spend hours at this museum. It has a good collection of ancient stuff like sword and weapons.

Just in front of the museum is a small memorial for the solidiers who went from Thrissur to fight world war I. The inscription on the memorial says, From this village 200 men  went to the great war    1914-1919. The ticket counter for the zoo is located on the left side of the entrance. You can expect a big queue during holidays. Like every other government institution in India, efficiency is the last priority.

The animal cages are numbered with sings (see right) so if you follow them you won’t miss anything.There isn’t much free space in the zoo and during peak times you won’t find any place to relax. It is high time that the zoo is moved out of the city centre. The vacant space can the be used for a larger museum and a park.

Photographing animals at  zoo is difficult due to the cage grills blocking the view. You have to press the camera against the cage to get a good shot. Yet, it  offers a gold mine to photograph animals. If you spend enough time at the zoo, you get interesting photos. But I was in a hurry. The Mithun bull pictured above right was a strange sight.


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