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Silver Storm Amusement Parks 

Attractions : Striking Cars, Sky Jet Turbo Twister Wave Pool Baby Train, Wild Raft Ride, Super Splash, Mama Aqua Dance Hara Kiri, Jurassic Splash, Master Blaster, Columbus, Flying Dutch Man, Kids pool Draggon Coaster, Bumping Boat, Swing Chair, Wild Body, Chinese Village (including Dragon coaster, Tea cup, Swing chair, Funny copt, Hokcycle, Neecoxpress, Hopper wagon, Smile cat), Swinging Roller Coaster, Tea cup, Kids Turbo Slide, etc.

Facilities : Restaurant, Changing room, Lockers, Parking area, Telephone booth, Food court, Ice cream parlour, First aid post, Taxi on call, Gifts shop, Doctor on call, Prayer hall, Handicapped and old age rest room

Dream World Water Park

Attractions : Striking Car, Go Kart, Sky Train, Flying Colombus, Baby Car, Caterpillar, Dragon Train, and Revolving Barrel, Dream Shower, Zoom Ride, Space Bowl, Crazy Cruise, Mat Racer, Amazon River, Dream Splash, etc

Facilities : Multi-game complex for children, Video games, Prayer hall for visitors, Toilets and Bath rooms, Changing room, Lockers, Cloak room, Telephone booth, Restaurant service, Ice cream parlours, fast food centres, Parking Area


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